June 20,21 Scheudle

Gym Locations

Paulding Middle  - (P) 600 Crown hill St. Arroyo Grand

Lifepoint Church - (L) 207 Pilgrim way, Arroyo Grande

Please recheck schedule Friday at 1pm for any final changes 

Boys Tournament Schedule

Divisions Based on last years grade

5th Boys (11u)


9:15am --- BPA vs. Team6Man 5th (L)

9:15am --- Warriors vs. Phantoms (P)

10:45am --- Team6Man 5th vs. Phantoms (L)

10:45am --- BPA vs. Warriors (P)

12:25pm --- BPA vs. Phantoms (P)

Sunday TBA

6th Boys Division (12u)


9:55am --- Porterville Pirates vs. Team6Man 6th (L)

12:25pm --- Porterville Pirates vs. Tigers (L)

2:05pm --- Tigers vs. Team6Man 6th (L)


1:40pm --- Lobos vs. Tigers (L)

4:10pm --- Lobos vs. Pirates (L)

5:50pm --- Lobos vs Team6Man 6th (L)

7th Boys Division (13u)


11:35am --- Porterville Pirates vs. Mesa (L)

1:15pm --- Porterville Pirates vs. Team6Man (L)

1:15pm --- Warriors vs. Mesa (P)

2:55pm --- Warriors vs. Team6Man 7th (L)

Sunday TBA

8th Boys Division (14u)


3:45pm --- Cal Swoosh vs Jayhawks (L)

6:15pm --- Jayhawks vs. Team6Man 8th (L)

7:55pm --- Team6Man 8th vs. Cal Swoosh (L)

Sunday TBA

12:50pm --- SC Elite vs. Jayhawks (L)

2:30pm --- SC Elite vs. Cal Swoosh (L)

5:00pm --- SC Elite vs. Team6Man 8th (L)

HSB Division


2:55pm --- Stampede vs. Paso (P)

4:35pm --- Team6Man 8th Diamond vs. Stampede (L)

4:35pm --- Paso vs. Cal Swoosh (P)

6:15pm --- Stampede vs. Cal Swoosh (P)

7:05pm --- Paso vs. Team6Man 8th Diamond (L)

Sunday TBA

Girls Tournament Schedule

4th Girls


9:50am --- Corcoran Sparks vs. Mustangs

11:30am --- Corcoran Sparks vs. Central Coast Sparks

6th Girls


9:55am --- Corcoran Sparks vs Phantoms (P)

11:35am --- Corcoran Sparks vs. Cal Swoosh (P)


9:00am --- Corcoran Sparks vs. Mustangs (P)

8/9 Girls


2:05pm --- Cal Swoosh vs. Dream (P)

3:45pm --- Bombers vs. Dream (P)

5:25pm --- Dream vs. Sparks (L)

5:25pm --- Bombers vs. Cal Swoosh (P)

7:05pm --- Bombers vs. Sparks (P)

Sunday TBA

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Tournaments - Shoot Outs- Leagues

2019 = 2020 Schedule


Jan 19,20    New Year Kick Off  

Feb  16,17    Presidents Day Hoops in Arroyo Grande

Mar 16th   Spring Shoot out Arroyo Grande

Mar 16,17 State Games Qualifier in Fresno

Mar 30,31   March Madness in Arroyo Grande

April 7 - June 2  Spring League in Arroyo Grande

Apr 20  Easter Shoot Out in Arroyo Grande

May 18,19  May Mayhem in Arroyo grande

June 8,9  Summer Kick Off in Arroyo Grande

June 18 - Aug 1  Summer League 

June 22,23  Milinda Parra Tourney in Santa Maria

June 29,30 Summer bash in Santa Barbara (Next Challenge)

July 20, 21   Mid Summer Classic in Arroyo Grande

Aug 17, 18   End of Summer Showdown in AG

Sep 20,21  Santa Barbara Classic (presented by Next Challenge)

Oct 19,20 in Arroyo Grande

Nov 16,17 in Arroyo Grande

Dec 14,15 Christmas Classic in Morro Bay


                          2020 Event List                            

Jan 18,19 New Year Kick Off in Arroyo Grande

Feb 15,16 Presidents Day Hoops in Arroyo Grande

March 21 Spring Shoot out in Arroyo Grande

March 28,29 March Madness in Arroyo grande

April 11 Easter Shoot Out in Morro Bay

April 18,19 Spring Classic in Arroyo grande

May 16,17  May Mayhem in Arroyo Grande


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po box 1521, Atascadero, CA 93423, us

(805) 286-2864

Camps and Clinics


Youth Skills Clinic in Los Alamos, Ca

March 2nd (Saturday)

9am - 12pm for Kinder - 2nd Grades

12:30 - 2:30 for 3rd - 5th Grades

Cost: FREE 


Cash Calendar Fundraiser

How it works

Winners will be posted here on the fundraiser page at the end of each week.  Prizes will be sent out to all the winners by June 20th. Thank you all for your support!

May 1- Chad Osborne $30

May 2- Adrian Gonzales $20

May 3- Letisia Gonzales $20

May 4- David Owens $20

May 5- Jasmin Mera $50

May 6 - Eli Soto $20

May 7 - Jenita Daub $20

May 8 - Todd Pinoko $30

May 9 - Elena Cavaloer $20

May 10 - David Dixon $20

May 11 - Jose Mejia $20

May 12 - Jim Zepeda $50

May 13 - Melia Hinojos

May 14 - Adriana Gania Camarena

May 15 - Santos S Martinez

May 16 - Eli Soto

May 17 - Amy Rosa

May 18 - Mireya Mera

May 19 - Chad Osborne

May 20 - Lana Huyck

May 21 - Pat Huguenard

May 22 - Maria E Mandujano

May 23 - Ruben Castillo

May 24 -  Mike Stephenson

May 25 - Adrian Gonzalez

May 26 -  Su Wyatt

May 27 -  Jim Zepeda

May 28 - Letisia Gonzolez

May 29 - Erika Cordova

May 30 -  Sue Wyatt

May 31 - Santos S Martinez